Head of School Welcome

Dear Friends,                                                     

It is with great excitement that I write this letter to you as the new Head of School. I feel tremendous honor and privilege to lead a school with such history and legacy. In this role, I hope to serve the Friends community by transforming the education landscape guided by the values of truth, justice, and liberation. 

The Ramallah Friends School has been ahead of the curve from its inception. The founding vision of the School is rooted in providing Palestinian girls with a holistic education - a radical notion in 1869 when few institutions were open to women across the globe. True to its vision, today I am proud to say that the school is an entirely women-led institution and continues to uphold its founding Quaker ideals and values. 

Since the onset, the school has honed generations of Palestinian leaders, women and men alike, who are critical thinkers, curious intellectuals, and agents of change wherever they are. Our alumni not only carry the values of the school with them, but often the banner of our country. 

In the past year, our nation and our world have experienced a series of crises among the most difficult and challenging in the school’s 152 year-old history. COVID-19, another war on Gaza, an uprising throughout the country, and recent events of suppression of free speech in Palestine has affected the school’s community in countless ways. However, we are resilient – enduring and growing through times of turmoil, threat, and challenge. And, we have an extraordinary capacity for renewal, reinventing ourselves and leaning into our inner Light to guide us and drive us to reach new heights. This is our commitment to our children, society, and country.

I am confident in this strong community’s ability to prevail. However, the Friends school today needs you. It needs your interest, your passionate criticism, and your dedication. RFS needs all of you- students, faculty, staff, and alumni- as we traverse through these challenges. Please remember that my door is always open to you. I look forward to working with all of you to ensure that RFS emerges more vibrant and stronger than ever.

Enjoy the remaining days of summer!



Rania Maayeh