The Friends in Residence Program

The Friends in Residence Program seeks to increase the Quaker presence at RFS by supporting existing programs and strengthening international ties with Friends around the world. Volunteers are welcomed into the RFS community and given the opportunity to experience many aspects of Palestinian life. Volunteers both contribute greatly to the work and mission of RFS and have the opportunity for tremendous personal learning and growing.

In the past, many volunteers have been sent to RFS through Quaker organizations around the world, including Friends United Meeting and Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends.

While the Friends in Residence Program actively encourages Friends to join us at RFS, volunteers from all walks of life are welcomed throughout the year. Volunteers usually stay anywhere from three months to one year and most are provided housing accommodations.  

Sample volunteer projects have included:

  • Led after school activities in music, sports, drama, and English
  • Supported librarians and library programs
  • Archived school pictures and documented school history
  • Monitored recesses at the Lower School
  • Assisted teachers in English classes
  • Provided resources for students in the Learning Support Program
  • Delivered guest lectures and speeches to classes and assemblies
  • Developed curriculum for Quaker Studies classes
  • Offered professional development programs to teachers
  • Increased collaboration between RFS and international Friends 

For more information or to inquire about availability of the volunteer program, please contact Karla Jay (Friends United Meeting).

Take a look at this short video produced by a Quaker volunteer who had visited RFS in 2016: