Learning Support

RFS' Learning Support Program (LSP) is the first and only inclusive education program in Palestine. Our aim is to care for each child’s specific needs, these include educational, physical, behavioral, emotional and social needs. It has proven tremendously successful since its adoption in 1995. Stemming from our full determination and belief to provide opportunities of success and achievement for children with challenges in our school, we continue to develop this program. To support the program, a resource room was established at the Lower and Upper School, and over the years with joint efforts from teachers and contributions from parents, we were able to develop a wide variety of multi-sensory educational resources. 

The entire RFS community is responsible for the progress of all students. The Learning Support Staff and faculty collaborate to ensure all students’ needs are met and given a chance to succeed in all aspects of RFS life. We support students with needs by using a variety of strategies, including:

  • In-class support
  • One-to-one support where the learning support team works with students in developing basic skills in literacy and different kinds of skills.
  • Partnership support—where the learning support team works in collaboration with all teachers, counselors and school administration to address students' needs.
  • Adaptation and modifications to the curriculum.
  • Special assessment arrangements. 
  • Continuous advice and guidance to parents and teachers.

Early detection and intervention is essential in promoting learning for young children. We work closely with the pre-school team in identifying and assessing student needs from the time students begin at RFS.




Ramallah Friends School Learning Support Policy