How To Apply

* Due to the pandemic and emergency situation, some of the procedures in this policy will be changed by the administration to meet health protocols and ensure safety for all.


Step 1: Choose and complete the application form (and two recommendation letter forms required for Grades 6-11), click here to download and print:

Student Application Form  ENGLISH

Student Application Form ARABIC


*Please download the application and recommendation letter forms before printing out.

Step 2: Submit above forms with a certified copy of a birth certificate (if the certificate is not in Arabic or English- a legally stamped photocopy is required),  a photocopy of the guardian’s passport and ID (complete with the ID attachment), two photos, copy of RFS graduation certificate if parent is an RFS graduate, and transcripts* (only for grades 2-11) and NIS 150 nonrefundable application fee.

Applications for Grades 6 – 11 are required to have two sealed recommendations from two of:

  1. Administration/counselors
  2. Mathematics teacher
  3. English teacher

Applications must be submitted as an email attachment to  The admissions fee of 150 shekels is to be paid directly through the Bank of Palestine on the bank account of 0458/1214422/099/3000/004  or by bank transfer.  If paying by bank transfer click here.

Step 3: RFS evaluates each application and determines eligibility for admission. Please review our admissions policy for more details on the admissions process.

Step 4: Admissions decisions for LKG, UKG and First Grade will be communicated by the first week of March.

Step 5: If a student is admitted, parents are required to agree to the school rules (KG, 1st-5th grades6th-12th grades) and pay a non-refundable registration fee of NIS 4,000. Bring a statement indicating that all financial statements have been met with previous educational institutions. And fill out this medical form by the family doctor.

Step 6: Parents are required to pay the first tuition payment during registration in March (for new students in LKG,UKG and 1st Grade) and in May (for new students in grades 2-11) to secure your child's place. The tuition fee cannot be refunded.

*Please note transcripts are required for any child entering Grade 2 and above (for the previous year for Grade 2, the previous two years for Grade 3, and the previous three years for Grade 4 and above).