Environmental Stewardship

RFS Environmental Awareness program started inside our KG- classrooms years ago, using the motto “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle” and from there it spread to the whole school as well as other local schools. The main objective is to encourage children to modify behaviors and educate others about environmental issues. Using the simple “reduce-reuse-recycle” model, math, science and reading lessons incorporate different environmental aspects. Composters are used daily and students eventually use this compost for growing their own plants from seeds, teaching them from beginning to end how the process works.


Environmental Stewardship


This program was developed and piloted in our school and, after its initial success, teachers from other area schools were trained as well. The Ramallah Municipality later widened the program to become an annual event where the school healthiest and friendliest to the environment is granted “The Green School Award”. RFS Lower School has won this award twice, with the latest for the academic year of 2016/2017. In Winter 2017, RFS' Lower School was awarded the newly established "Sustainability Award" by the Ramallah Municipality for the school's continued efforts as a healthy campus that is friendly to the environment. The Sustainability Award is given only to the few schools who have been awarded the Green School Award more than once.

Environmental stewardship is one of our school values. We believe in the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices.

RFS current and future environment-friendly plans:

Electricity usage

Installation of photovoltaic cells on the roofs of the Upper School’s buildings and parking spaces to generate enough energy to cover the entire electricity usage on campus.

Organic Gardens and Green House

Students and teachers are planting, maintaining and harvesting their own organic crops, as part of our student-learning centered program – stop by to see what vegetables we have this season!

Environmental Clubs

Visit our student centered clubs on both campuses, aimed mainly at organizing environmental activities.

Heating Systems

RFS will soon be replacing the fuel-run heating system with an electricity run VRF or heat pump system, making the system more efficient and saving considerable running cost.

Rainwater harvesting system

Rain water is collected from the roofs of our buildings, and stored in 11 wells on both campuses to be used for irrigation, toilets, cleaning and other purposes. Upper School water wells collect 2500 cubic meters seasonally.

Grey-water filtration system

Drain water is taken from the school cafeteria, filtered and reused for irrigation.

Outdoor Environmental Learning Center & Classroom (Quad)

RFS believes that the most significant learning takes place outside the traditional classroom.  In this light, the Upper School is in the midst of planning the addition of two new outdoor learning spaces on campus. There, many elements such as a bird blind for the study of bird migration, a pond to enable the study of eco-systems, a greenhouse and a second botanical organic garden to study bio-diversity will be incorporated. We are also planning to install a shaded outdoor classroom (Quad) in the middle of campus to encourage more outdoor activities.