After School Programs


RAMALLAH FRIENDS SCHOOL encourages students to take part in as wide a variety of extra curricular activities as possible usually after the end of the school day. This is an opportunity for students to develop new interests and learn new skills. This is part of the School’s responsibility as a learning environment providing students with choices which they can make voluntarily and independently. The opportunities serve as an important role in the student’s future interests and career.

Extracurricular activities are encouraged with a variety of choices offered at the Lower School. These include:

-Rise Basketball Academy: In Partnership with RFS, Rise Basketball School is concerned with training basketball for children and youth ages 5-18 in the Upper Campus's indoor basketball court. For more details, please go to this link.

-Sports: Each year we make sure to have physical sports that students have interests in and would like to participate in, like soccer, basketball, karate and gymnastics. LS' sports teams will be participating in activities in and out of school.

-Dance: The school always makes sure to have more than one kind of dancing for students to learn; like ballet, zumba and dabkeh (folkloric Palestinian dance). A professional dancer trains students and they perform the dances by the end of the school year.

-English Drama: Drama plays a big role in learning in our school, we always make sure to improve the students in writing plays, acting and performing what they have done by the end of the school year.

-Movie Club: The goal of the movie club is to help kids gain knowledge about world cinema, and help them think in a broader way about movies and cinema, and help them discuss and comment their opinions about what they watch.

-Arts: This program gives students the opportunity to express themselves through drawing, painting, and other forms of visual Arts. 

-Home Economics: Students are taught some basic economics in life, like cooking, and preparing food in a fun and interesting way for kids.

-Engineering for Kids:  Engineering for Kids brings science, technology, engineering, and math, to kids in a fun and challenging way .We are proud to inspire children to build on their natural curiosity by teaching engineering concepts through hands-on learning.

-Robotics: Mind Craft brings science to life, and builds the future innovators not only through Robotics, but also through easy-to-use coding software and curriculum relevant engaging STEM challenges.

- UCMAS: The UC MAS-Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System is a special mental development program for children dedicated to the realization of their mental potential in the age at which the mind reaches its peak of development (children between the ages of six and twelve). The program aims to invest the first twelve years of children's lives- And it helps them to have more capabilities and less effort.