Our Mission

School Mission

Guided by Quaker principles and values, enriched by being in Palestine, and strengthened by collaboration within the school community and with external partnerships, Ramallah Friends School (RFS) offers children and youth with an academically rigorous, balanced, engaging and inclusive learning environment of the highest quality standard, every day.

We inspire our students to become a living expression of a spiritual life, and be in constant search for God in all human situations.  By doing so, we nurture confidence and intellectual curiosity through experiential learning and innovative application of knowledge and skills, enabling our students to become independent, adaptable but principled, socially responsible, and internationally-minded citizens.

RAMALLAH FRIENDS SCHOOL strives to be a leading educational institution in the Palestinian community. The Lower and Upper Schools were founded in 1869 and 1901 respectively, for the purpose of offering Palestinian youth a rigorous program guided by Quaker principles.

Central to Quaker education is a vitality that comes from being a living expression of a religious life. A Friends School education seeks to promote a constant search for God to all human situations and to cultivate ethical, moral and spiritual values.

Ramallah Friends School is committed to:

Excellence In Education

Quaker education calls for high academic standards and a willingness to experiment with new methodology and curricula.

Developing the Whole Person

Quaker education is committed to helping each member of the school community realize his or her physical, mental, spiritual, and social potential. It recognizes that every person is different, with varying abilities that must be developed to the full extent possible.

Helping Each Person Recognize Their Responsibility to Society

Quaker education is committed to helping each person recognize her or his responsibility as a caring member of the school, community, nation and global family where “each lives for the other and all live for God”. The Friends School is committed to nurturing character traits such as integrity, simplicity, honesty, cooperation and compassion.  We believe in and encourage freedom of thought and expression. We expect, however, that this freedom be enjoyed with a full sense of responsibility. Quaker education advocates non-violence as a viable option for resolving conflict in every aspect of life. These values are best learned through experience as students, teachers, parents, staff and administrators interact with each other.


Quaker education believes that all people are equal before God regardless of gender, creed, culture, color or social status. Since our beginning, we have focused on the education of women to develop their potential and realize their opportunity to be equal members of their community. Quaker education is built on the belief that all are children of God and that within each person here is that of God to be nurtured.

It is upon this foundation that Ramallah Friends School students grow to be strong and sensitive members of their families, their community and the world in which they live.