150th anniversary

Time Capsule

As part of the 150th RFS anniversary celebrations, RFS buried a time capsule and inaugurated the RFS Museum and a new classroom floor in April 2019.

MS Library 150th Special Project

The school community of students, staff, administrators, teachers, and volunteers have all come together around making 150 + origami cranes that are hung in the library.

RFS Museum

Help us build RFS' permanent Museum as part of the School's 150th Anniversary Celebrations!

150th Field Day

As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of this School, we want to bring back an old RFS tradition – the RFS Field Day! Historically, the Friends Boys School used to celebrate this day in spring by organizing a fun-day of sports competitions and gymnastic performances for the school community. We want to bring back this tradition to include the whol...

Upper School Tree Planting

Making our campuses greener together!

150th Tree Planting Project

Making our campuses greener as a community.