Celebrating Class of 2023 IBDP Results!

We are thrilled to announce the outstanding accomplishments of our incredible IBDP Class of 2023! Their unwavering commitment and perseverance throughout the challenging 2-year IB Diploma Programme have led to remarkable results that deserve our heartfelt congratulations. 

We would like to express our deep appreciation to our dedicated teachers and faculty members, whose guidance and support have played an integral role in shaping the students' success. Together, we have achieved remarkable milestones! 

Notable highlights from the Class of 2023 include:

* One near perfect score (44/45) - An exceptional achievement that shines brightly!

* Ten students scoring over 40 - A testament to their exceptional dedication and effort!

* Thirty-four students scoring 30-39 out of 45 - Demonstrating remarkable commitment and academic excellence!

* Thirty-eight students scoring 30-34 - Excelling with determination and perseverance!

* Thirty-four students scoring 21-29 - Embodying resilience and remarkable growth!

Each and every student has made us immensely proud, and we wholeheartedly celebrate their remarkable accomplishments. ✨