Summer Programs

Go Palestine

I loved meeting people from all over the world. It gave me more hope about Palestine and our freedom.
—2011 Camper

A Summer Experience for Diaspora Palestinian Youth and Friends

Go Palestine Summer Camp is a life altering summer experience aimed at connecting diaspora Palestinian youth and international Quakers with local Palestinian youth. The program has been hosted by the Ramallah Friends School since 2010 and has brought together more than 340 campers from a diverse range of places including the USA, UK, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain, Hong Kong, and Canada.

Since its inception, Go Palestine has been able to provide Palestinians in the diaspora with the opportunity to visit their homeland, often for the first time, and create personal connections with local Palestinian youth.

Through the planned trips, excursions, and activities of the camp, Go Palestine allows campers to develop a deeper understanding of their Palestinian identity, the diversity of Palestine, and the political situation in the region. Moreover, the camp’s curriculum and itinerary help develop many of the campers’ leadership and social skills, confidence, as well as promote personal awareness, independence, and growth. 

Go Palestine’s uniqueness lies in the local-diaspora-Quaker encounter which carries with it opportunities for new ties and friendships. Moreover, this encounter imparts a warm, familiar feeling which engenders a sense of belonging and links separated communities. Our hope is that through our camp, young people can become motivated to explore their identity as Palestinians and channel this motivation into working for justice in our shared homeland while also maintaining long-lasting connections with the local campers and other Palestinian individuals and organizations.

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