Olive Press - Issue #41

  • RFS Completes IB Evaluations
    MYP Evaluation PYP

    By Rania Maayeh - Head of School

    As an authorized International Baccalaureate School, Ramallah Friends School strives to maintain quality delivery of its three IB programs—the primary years program (PYP), middle years program (MYP), and the diploma program (DP). The International Baccalaureate organization evaluates the standards and practices of each IB school every five years. This month, RFS successfully passed the evaluations of the MYP and PYP programs. As part of the process, the School engaged in a self-study for each of the programs. This has helped all those involved to reflect and further understand the philosophy and the practices of the program and its alignment with the Schools’ mission and values as a Quaker school. The evaluation process was an opportunity to identify successes, celebrate them, highlight challenges, and create an action plan.

    For both programs, RFS submitted evidence documenting the work of students and staff in several forms: short videos were recorded, and past exhibitions of student work were documented and shared.The evaluation process was collaborative, with all the school’s stakeholders involved, and in this way reflected what RFS does as a school and as a community. The school’s governing body, parents, teachers, and administration all took part in the evaluation. The process allowed for everyone’s voice to be heard, and all were able to witness the steps of the evaluation.The collaborative effort and commitment of the RFS community is undoubtedly the reason for our successful evaluation, which allows the school to maintain its status as an International Baccalaureate school. Ramallah Friends School is incredibly thankful for the cooperation of parents, friends, and everyone who has contributed and continues to contribute to the excellence of this renowned institution.

  • Ramadan Appeal 2022

  • RFS Public Speaking Competition 2022

    By Besan Omary-Jaawan

    Three RFS girl students were announced winners of the School’s first English Public Speaking Competition on April 7th. Tala Salama won at the middle school level, Rania Makhlouf won the high school level, while Nadine Anabtawi won the whole school award.

    The competition began in February with more than 55 middle and high school students presenting their speeches to Ms. Samah Hussein and Ms. Alia Dar-Ammar; two English teachers who took the initiative to introduce this activity for the first time in Ramallah Friends School. Twenty-one students were then chosen as finalists to start writing and preparing their speeches about the inspirational effect of the pandemic on their lives.

    “The goal of this competition is to enhance the vision of the new generation and encourage them to express themselves.” – Samah Hussein, RFS English and Drama teacher

    The competition was held in the Upper Campus’ historic Khalil Totah auditorium, and attended by the Palestinian Minister of Culture, school staff, and the participants’ parents and peers. Participants were judged according to strict criteria on content, posture, speed and timing of the speeches. The school is grateful for RFS friends Mr. Sam Bahour, Dr. Dalal Erekat, and Mr. Mazen Asad who took the time to join the competition as judges.

    In her opening speech, RFS Head of School Rania Maayeh said: “It is not strange for our prestigious institution to be the first to offer such innovative activities. For when the Friends Girls School was first founded more than two centuries ago, regardless of the social conditions prevailing at the time, to offer our daughters and community a spot of light and a better future. We still, today, continue in applying our mission to enable our students to keep pace with the needs of the times with confidence.”

    One by one, the participants walked up on-stage and gave their speeches, each offering the audience a glimpse into their personal life during quarantine and the changes that came with it. Some students spoke about loss while other spoke about motivation. The school hopes to repeat this activity on an annual basis in an effort to develop students’ public speaking skills in the English language.

  • Ramadan Kareem


  • Happy Easter

  • Five RFS Students Win Ramallah Municipality's Art Competition
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    Five #RFS 9th grade students were awarded first, second and third places in Ramallah Municipality's annual art competition for saving the environment.

    Through the visual art classes, grade nine students joined the annual competition run by Ramallah Municipality on themes related to the environment. Participating students practiced creative thinking skills and art techniques they learned to produce drawings that discuss concurrent environmental issues such as solid waste management. 

    RFS is proud that five students won first, second and third places in three competing categories. 


    Congratulations again and again!

    Nicole Ackall - for winning 1st place.

    Layan Imseeh & Lujayen Tannous for winning 2nd place.

    Khamees Tannous & Laith Ghozzi for winning 3rd place.

  • IBMYP Personal Project Exhibition 2022

    The IB Middle Years Programme culminates into the Personal Project. A project where students follow their passion, show independent research skills and present their findings during the Personal Project Exhibition.

  • RFS Girls' Basketball Team Won 4th Place in Championship in Jordan!
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    Congratulations RFS!
    RFS Girls' Basketball Team won 4th place in the Promise Welfare Society's 7th Annual Girls School Championship in Jordan!
    RFS team is sponsored by the Bank of Palestine.
  • First #IBDP Visual Arts Course @ RFS
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    A quick look at RFS' first #IBDO Visual Arts course.

Student Column                                                                          

By Meerah Aker - 9th grade student

It is no secret that each and every one of us endures stress on a daily basis; students, teachers, and even parents, yet the extent to how much our tasks, more so, lives, are influenced by such a demanding factor varies from an individual to another.

Medically speaking, stress is acknowledged as the body's response to physical, mental, or emotional pressure.

As teenagers, this pressure is predominantly exerted upon us by friendships, relationships, or school work and grades. Dealing with such issues often seems like an unending vicious cycle; this is because we are used to believing that we have to face and solve our issues immediately; even if we cannot find a way out of particular conflicts, we are frequently forced to work it out, not offered the opportunity of taking a break to process; thus confront ourselves into generating solutions mindfully instead of being overwhelmed by the illusion we call lack of time, for sometimes, time is the key itself.

We are as well blind to the fact that the world is magnificently enormous; thus, when there is a way in, there always is a way out, and while we might not instantly find the solution to our problems, we must constantly be reminded that eventually the light at the end of the tunnel will be reached. After all, the sun is always shining.

When it comes to school work and grades, many of us seem to base our entire self-acceptance and love upon academic validation, which can be at times immensely stressful due to the fact that grades and time are two matters that are quite challenging to manage and keep in sync, which is what a myriad of teachers and counsellors frequently forget and overlook.

Students regularly work so hard for exams and assignments and tend to lose points on the silliest, most debatable blunders. While some teachers refuse to help the student in such circumstances, it is important to note that when a student comes to revise for a potential mistake in grading, it is only because they care enough to ask. And when a teacher embraces this passion and drive rather than quell students' zest for studying, the student is encouraged to work harder.

In the end, our current grades are the building blocks to our future; hence, a little help can solely do good and cut a ton of late-night overthinking and stress.

Coping with stress is what an individual is usually urged to do, when what must actually be encouraged is acknowledging that our daily tasks are merely amusing journeys with occasional obstacles that are undoubtedly tolerable. So why must one wait for the storm to end when simply one can rather dance in the rain?

عصر الزيتون - النشرة #41

  • مساق الفنون الجميلة
    IBDP Visual Art Making-of the mural Art Art Art Exhibition Artwork Artwork Exhibition Art Art

    نلقي نظرة سريعة على مساق مادة الفنون الجميلة ضمن برنامج البكالوريا الدولية في مدرسة الفرندز.

  • ثمرةٌ نقطفُها معًا في مدرسة الفرندز

    بقلم فريدا دحدح خياط - مديرة المدرسة الأساسية

    "الإنجازاتُ المنظّمةُ هي نتائجُ جهدٍ مشتركٍ لكلّ فردٍ فيه". 

    فبعد الاعتماد الأول لمدرستنا كمدرسة IB في العام 2018 وتتويج ذلك هذا العام 2022، من خلال زيارة افتراضية للجنة من الـIBO تضمنت عدة اجتماعات ومقابلات مع إدارة المدرسة ومنسقة البرنامج وطاقم المدرسة على شكل مجموعات اشتملت على مناقشة مواضيع مختلفة من سياسة البرنامج منها: العرض والثّقافة والبيئة والتّعلم وكيفية تطبيقها، وكذلك مع الأهالي والطَّلبة. كما كان هنالك جولة افتراضية على الصّفوف الدّراسيّة، وعلى مرافق المدرسة.

    لقد تكللت هذه الزّيارة الافتراضية بتجديد الاعتماد لمدرستنا كمدرسة IB، وكان لا بد من القول بأنَّ كلَّ هذا النَّجاح ما هو إلا ثمرة جهدٍ مشتركٍ من كافة طاقم المدرسة؛ الّذي يعمل بتفانٍ عامًا بعد عام للحفاظ على ازدهار مدرستنا وتقدُّمها، لتبقى تُخَرّجُ للمجتمعِ طلبةً منفتحي العقل ومتعلّمين مدى الحياة، واثقين بقيمِ المدرسةِ من مساواةٍ ومهتمين بمن حولنا، ساعين من وراء ذلك إلى خلق عالم أفضل للجميع، فكما قال ستيف جونز:
     "فنحن هنا لنضع بصمتنا في هذا الكون، وإلا ما فائدة مجيئنا إليه". علّنا بذلك أنْ نرى الازدهارَ يعمُّ كافة مناحي الحياة  في عالمنا، ونرى طلبتنا صورةً حقيقيّةً للتّغيير الحقيقيّ والإيجابيّ فيه.

    من هنا، نثمّن عاليًا دور مجتمع المدرسة بكلّ فئاته وأطيافه من طلبة وأهالي وكادر أكاديمي وإداري، وكافة العاملات والعاملين، فأنتم جميعًا معًا تستحقون التَّقدير لدوركم الدّائم في خلقِ النَّجاح، وهنيئًا لكم قِطافُ ثمارِ تعبكم. 

  • رمضان كريم
    رمضان كريم

    تتقدم مدرسة الفرندز بأطيب الأمنيات لأبناء أسرتنا المدرسية بمناسبة حلول شهر رمضان الفضيل.

  • عيد فصح مجيد
    عيد فصح مجيد

    تتقدم مدرسة الفرندز بأطيب الأمنيات لأبناء أسرتنا المدرسية بمناسبة حلول عيد الفصح المجيد.

  • فريق المدرسة لكرة السلة يفوز بالمركز الرابع في بطولة بالأردن
    bb12 bb1 bb2 bb3 bb4 bb5 bb6 bb7 bb8 bb9 bb10 bb11
    مبروك لفريق المدرسة لكرة السلة للبنات فوزه بالمركز الرابع في بطولة كرة السلة السابعة للطالبات في الأردن التي تنظمها جمعية الأيدي الواعدة برعاية سمو الأميرة عالية الطباع.
    شارك فريق مدرسة الفرندز في البطولة برعاية بنك فلسطين.
  • معرض المشروع الشخصي للصف العاشر
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    يتوج برنامج البكالوريا الدولية للمرحلة الوسطى في معرض المشروع الشخصي لطلاب الصف العاشر. حيث يقدم الطالب/ة مشروعاً يهمه بشكل شخصي ويستخدم مهارات البحث لعرض موضوعه بأسلوب مبتكر.