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Ramallah Friends School established its Communications and Development Department in 2016 with its office located in the Head of School offices, Upper Campus (El-Bireh).

The Communications Department is responsible for the monthly publication of the School's monthly newsletter, the Olive Press, as well as the editing and publication of the School's Biannual Newsletter in cooperation with Friends United Meeting's Communications Department in Indiana, USA.

The Department's work is spread over various multimedia and communications areas, including managing the School's social media networks, website, yearbooks, and producing RFS publications in a number of Quaker magazines around the world.

The Department currently heads several Development projects, such as Memoribilia and School Boutique project and some local and international fundraising campaigns. 

In 2019, this Department led the organization and management of many new projects aimed at celebrating the School's historic 150th anniversary, which included the Time Capsule Project, Archive Project, School Museum, 150th Anniversary Carnival, and 150th Gala Dinner.

The Department centers a major part of its work on strengthening alumni relations. Proud of all its alumni and attendees, RFS rebuilds the School's relationship with its graduates continuously. If you are an alumni or attendee please sign up here to stay connected to your school!

For more information please contact the Communications and Development Department at [email protected]

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