IB Diploma Program

Students follow the IB Diploma Programme (DP) in their final two years at RFS. This is the most highly regarded pre-university preparatory program in the world today. Students not only study subjects across a range of disciplines, they must complete three core requirements over the two year program, the first to apply classroom skills and knowledge to real life experiential learning challenges; the second to identify a topic of personal interest to research in depth to write a 4,000 word annotated essay; the third to develop and demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of how they learn best, and how they evaluate the effectiveness of their learning for each discipline. This breadth of learning and depth of understanding, focused on international-minded contexts studied through a local lens, capably prepares DP graduates for further education and lifelong learning.

At RFS, DP studies can be undertaken in one of three ways:

  1. Students become IB Diploma candidates if they elect to study 6 subjects, usually one selected from each of the 6 DP Groups: Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies, Sciences, Mathematics, and Arts, with three subjects studied at Standard Level (SL) to acquire competence in core content, and three taken at Higher Level (HL) to explore more advanced topics in addition to the core. Students must also complete three DP requirements over the two years, and earn at least 24 marks overall to be awarded the IB Diploma.
  2. Students can elect to study up to 6 DP subjects at either level from any group. After completing the DP International Assessment and final examination for each subject, students will receive a DP Course Record (DPCR), listing all their final subject grades. DPCR students are required to also complete the DP CAS and ToK core requirements.
  3. Students can elect to study up to 6 DP subjects, study all subjects at SL, not write DP final examinations, and forego completing DP core requirements. These students will not receive a DPCR from the IB, nor qualify for the Tawjihi Diploma.

To qualify for the Tawjihi equivalency at least 2 DP subjects must be studied at HL and 4 at SL. Students choosing the Tawjihi Science stream must study two science subjects at HL; for the Tawjihi Arts stream, any 6 DP subjects may be studied, with Language and Literature at HL. Students must earn at least 21 marks in 6 courses, receiving at least 3 marks in HL subjects.


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