Extended Essay

The Ramallah Friends School's Extended Essay (EE) Handbook is available at this link.

Extended Essay (EE) requires focused individual research by each student on an inquiry topic of personal interest, lying outside DP subject content, but pertaining to one of the disciplines. Conducted concurrently with DP studies over 18 months, students are required to:

  • Identify a focused thesis inquiry on a topic of personal interest to the student.

  • Conduct extensive research, identifying and properly annotating at least five different sources.

  • Collect evidence, experimental data, or exploration findings pertaining to the thesis inquiry.

  • Analyze and evaluate the evidence, data or findings to ascertain authenticity and relevance.

  • Connect the evidence, data and findings with other sources or prior knowledge to gain new understanding of the thesis inquiry and to reach a conclusion.

  • Draft and revise a 4,000 word properly annotated essay to report the thesis inquiry; research evidence, data or findings; results or new understanding of the topic; and conclusions drawn.