1. When did LSP start? 
LSP started at the Lower School in 1995 with only one full-time teacher. It now extends to the Upper School with seven full time teachers in total.

2. What is the school's guiding principle regarding LSP? 
We welcome and value all children equally no matter what their special need or difficulty is. We are committed to providing equal access for all children and believe that everyone is entitled to an education. 

3. Who implements the program? 
The learning Support team consists of a program coordinator at each campus with three full-time and one part time teacher in the Lower School, two full time teachers at the upper school and a group of individual teacher assistants as needed. 

4. How many students are being supported by LSP and what are their challenges? 
On both campuses, almost 100 students are currently supported by LSP. They include among others, children with Cerebral Palsy (CP), Specific Learning Difficulties, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Speech and Language Difficulties Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Down's Syndrome, Autism, and Williams Syndrome.

5. Are there any admission restraints? 
All children have the right to apply, however admission depends on the availability of vacancies and on the school's staff capacity and physical accessibility in addressing the child's needs.

6. What are the elements of implementation? 
Screening and evaluation, Individual Educational Plan (IEP) depending on the student need development, regular parent involvement, implementation within the regular classroom setting, regular IEP reviews, student assessment based on IEP objectives, and working in close collaboration with specialists to offer targeted interventions through therapies and consider these services essential within a balanced program for students who require this kind of intervention.

7. How is the program supported? 
LSP is supported by the school's budget, donations and parent contributions.

8. What are the educational resources available? 
Resources rooms include a variety of learning materials and aids (visual, auditory, tactile/kinesthetic), software programs and books in Arabic and English Language.