RFS Creates Pond Aquaponics System at the Upper Campus

At RFS, our science courses are designed to spark curiosity and ignite a passion for the world around us. Among these, the IB Biology course in the diploma program stands out as a favorite, with over 85% of each graduating class opting for this enriching experience. 

Our students are driven to explore the wonders of the natural world, prompting us to embark on an exciting journey. We're excited to share that we have created pond aquaponics—an immersive platform for hands-on learning in biology and other scientific disciplines.

By integrating pond aquaponics, we aim to enhance scientific literacy and offer dynamic tools for teaching across all levels, from MYP to DP. This innovative setup doesn't just stop at STEM subjects; it opens up new avenues for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

The beauty lies in its practicality. Regular upkeep of pond aquaponics fosters experiential learning, allowing students to dive into real-world applications. As we cultivate this ecosystem, we're paving the way for an engaging approach to STEM education, while also addressing critical topics like sustainability, environmental science, agriculture, and food systems.

The pond aquaponics was supported by the Bank of Palestine. We thank Mr. Nadeem Shehadeh for his inspiration and guidance on the design and connecting the RFS Science Department with two exceptional parents who played a major role in implementing the project, Mr. Hani Ghanam and Mr. Sami Muallem.



 Pond Aquaponics before and after...