Friends Council of Education Executive Director Speaks with RFS Staff via Video-conference

Ramallah Friends School’s entire body of staff gathered a few days before the opening of the new school year at the Lower Campus’ Tabari Hall for their first Quaker Life meeting.

The meeting was organized by Mark Bauman, RFS’ Quaker Life Coordinator, and presented by Drew Smith, Executive Director of Friends Council of Education. And attended by almost 200 members of teaching and administrative staff.

Smith gave a brief introduction of Quakerism and spoke about Quaker schools and their long proud history in the USA and around the world. And he stressed on the Quaker teaching that what is good for one is good for all as we all rely on each other as one community.

“We believe that the practice of the Quakers is excellent for developing your ability to learn through your entire life… in order to contribute to the betterment of society…” – Drew Smith

Smith concluded speaking with a quote from Head of William Penn Charter School Dr. Darryl Ford- a Quaker school that turns 323 years old this year.

“I believe that Friends Schools are hope for the world” – Dr. Darryl Ford

The meeting began and ended with the traditional Quaker moment of silence to reflect on what was said.*


Quaker Life Meeting