Upper Campus Citrus Tree Grove

The Tree committee environmental team, embarked on a vision for the future of meetings. The challenge, How to meet safely?  Ramallah Friends School is privileged to have a Green Arc space in its Urban setting.  

In fact we have lots of non- defined areas which are under- utilized, green but not used.  One such area was outside of Grant House between the verandah and the Main School Building.  Almost square and empty in the middle but surrounded by lavender hedge.  This area was not used by either students or staff, just left.  Green in winter and brown in summer.  

The Citrus Grove, a Tiny bio diverse Citrus forest of different Citrus trees has been developed by Ali Awartani, a Qualified landscape designer and luckily for us a member of the Tree committee and an RFS parent.  Ali has donated his time and expertise to Ramallah Friends School and we are especially grateful.  

The Citrus trees, funded by our Friends at USAID/ASHA (as part of their ethos to work with the Environment and sustainability), include Lemons, Pomelo, Clementine, Kumquat, Oranges and Grapefruit.   The seating will be logs from our beloved fallen trees that have died, but are still giving service in another form.    The paths and sitting zone will be paved with what is left behind from other projects, ensuring our green attitude is indeed in practice. 

When finished, this area will be for all staff members to meet in.  Have a bit to eat amongst the citrus blossom or just simply enjoy the space.     I am sure the Bees will not mind sharing.



Adrian Moody

Head of School


Citrus Grove 2021