RFS Student Wins Environmental Stewardship Competition

September 30th, 2020  Ramallah - RFS 6th grader, Natalie Ghawi, was announced one of 3 winners of Ramallah Municipality's latest environmental stewardship competition, a part of the Municipality’s environmental awareness program.

The competition was first announced on the Municipality’s website and social media pages last spring during the closure of schools due to the announcement of state of emergency in Palestine. Named “My Home is Safe and Friendly to the Environment” competition, students were asked to produce 1-minute short films showing projects they worked on while at home that are helpful for saving the environment and making our city greener.

“I wanted to participate while we were staying home so that we can do something helpful to the environment” – Natalie

Using recycled products, Natalie participated with a film titled “Green Walls” which shows her planting and caring for plants she placed on her front door in a beautiful order as she explains how these Green Walls can help reduce pollution and make our homes greener in a city that has become crowded with brick buildings.


“When I started working on my project, I remembered something we had learnt at RFS in 4th grade about saving the environment, and I searched more about it until I came up with the idea of Green Walls.”- Natalie

RFS’ Environmental Stewardship Program started inside our KG- classrooms years ago, using the motto “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle” and from there it spread to the whole school as well as other local schools. The main objective is to encourage children to modify behaviors and educate others about environmental issues. Using the simple “reduce-reuse-recycle” model, math, science and reading lessons incorporate different environmental aspects.

Environmental stewardship is one of our school values. We believe in the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices. RFS is always proud of all of our students’ accomplishments and successes specially those related to saving the environment, such as Natalie’s.

To watch Natalie’s award winning film, please visit this link. *

Natalie Ghawi