Community Support for RFS

An RFS Community Initiative Donates 120 Laptops to Our Teachers

Wednesday September 16th, 2020 – Ramallah Friends School is proud to announce receiving the generous donation of 120 laptops from friends and families and parents of RFS students.

Thirty individuals from our school community, friends and families and mainly parents of current RFS students, have come to the quick aid of our school at these challenging times by donating more than 120 laptops for the use of RFS teachers.

This week, RFS heads into the second week of an unprecedented school year, teaching both on campus and online at the same time amidst enormous challenges and difficult changes. Almost 600 Lower School students are taught in learning spaces formed into protective bubbles on campus following strict COVID-19 measures, while the remaining 800 students are taught online via distance learning.

The laptop initiative was able to garner enough laptops for all elementary, middle and high school teachers within a couple of days. All of the donations came from individuals, not companies. The school is humbled and grateful for such a generous donation from individuals in our own community.

As a Quaker school, we value community. Friends believe that we need each other, since each and every one of us is precious to our community. Our community has come to the aid of our teachers and staff, all of us working together to provide the best education possible for our students amidst this global pandemic.

Over the summer, our teachers and staff worked extremely hard in preparation to deliver the best quality educational program possible whether learning is face-to-face, blended or online. Their duties were maximized and new tasks were added to their schedules. These computers will equip all our teachers to be able to deliver online learning effectively from school as well as from their own homes if or when lockdowns are imposed due to COVID-19.*