The Kaykab Sustainable and Practical Bee Keeping Project

In partnership with Quaker Peace and Service Aoteroa New Zealand (QPSANZ)

A Ramallah Friends School, Tree Committee Initiative.

The Ramallah Friends School is announcing the start of a new and fresh approach to caring for the Kaykab Garden in a sustainable, quite sweet way.

The Kaykab Garden Campus of Ramallah Friends School has long been a center for Environmental Educational Stewardship.  From 2002 to 2009 , with help from Germany, children from all around Ramallah flocked to Kaykab Garden to learn what a “greener” world would look like. However, once that wonderful project finished, leaving the Kaykab without funding, the garden was fell into a state of decline.

Now, we at the Ramallah Friends School are bringing Kaykab Garden back to life  – this time with help from busy buzzy new friends. We have moved 6 hives into the Kaykab, housing them a safe distance from the main pathways of the garden, but still close enough to the blossoms loved by bees.

We expect this to be a mutually beneficial friendship! The bees are buzzing around our bushes and flowers, and the honey is already flowing. 

The Kaykab Bee Keeping will also give children of all ages in our school community the chance to do student-led learning. Under the watchful eyes of teachers, they will experience firsthand about sustainable environmental practices by studying the hives, learning about how bees pollinate while making honey, and understanding about our complex –and vulnerable – Palestinian ecosystem.

Our Kaykab Bee Keeping Project will give back to our community – at RFS and in Ramallah. By hosting a thriving bee community, we are doing our part to help reverse the drop in bee populations (and prevent the resulting environmental problems).  Our bees will give back to us as well, by producing honey that we harvest sustainably, we will raise funds to help plant and care of our beautiful garden campus in the heart of Ramallah and El Bireh cities. 

Sustainable bees for a sustainable world ????


The RFS Tree Committee

The Kaykab Sustainable and Practical Bee Keeping Project