RFS Launches Virtual Student Exhibits

While entering the third month of school closure due to the worldwide spread of COVID-19 and declaration of the state of emergency in Palestine, RFS teachers and staff excel in introducing new innovative procedures to encourage our students and parents through this challenging period of time.

In March, we launched our first virtual student exhibit presenting fifth graders' final PYP projects which they had to finish individually from their own homes. 

In May, we have launched our Upper School Art Exhibit. Students were asked by their Art teachers to embody their class discussions about the relationship between art and life, in light of the current pandemic.

Student in grades 6th-10th were highly responsive and used their time under confinement to express their feelings about the crisis of COVID-19 hitting the world. And their work demonstrate the fact that through art we can spread hope, we can express feelings, and we can create awareness and raise a voice of responsibility towards the world we live in.

Both exhibist can be accessed through our Facebook page, under the albums tab.