150th anniversary

Upper School Tree Planting

All Upper School grades 6th-11th, except seniors, have planted their class trees this week around campus. Students and teachers excitedly dug, planted and labelled different types of trees that they will be able to come back and check on during years and years to come. 

Head of School Adrian Moody led the planting process by introducing students to the RFS Forestation Campaign, part of the School's 150th Anniversary Celebrations aimed at increasing green space and forestation on both campuses.

"Celebrating the past by planting for the future" - A slogan chosen by the Forestation Committee organizing the project which plans to plant 150 trees and shrubs in 2019 on both RFS campuses in Ramallah and El Bireh.

Seniors and all Lower School students will also be planting a tree per class/section on both campuses this month as part of this project. Sponsors and partners of RFS' 150th Anniversary Field Day will also be invited to plant trees on campuses.

"The RFS tree planting project has begun and we invite all alumni to sponsor trees and come and plant them and be a part of our 150 tree goal this year" - Head of School Adrian Moody.

Proud of offering quality Quaker education to Palestinian youth since 1869, the School invites RFS alumni and graduates to plant their class trees on campus. 

"There will be 60% more trees on the school campuses by the end of this project- with 75% more trees on the upper campus alone" - Elizabeth Price - RFS parent and member of the Forestation Committee. 

If you and your classmates are interested in sponsoring a tree to be named after your class, please contact our Alumni Relations and Communications Officer Lama Murra at (communications@rfs.edu.ps).

Upper School Tree Planting