Book Donation Drive

To help fill the new Middle School library with good reading materials that are age appropriate and of high interest, new librarian and Friend in Residence Cheryl Engel is organizing the Middle School library’s first "Book Donation Drive" with the help of Friend in Residence Amy Miller.

To encourage all children to find joy in reading; the goal is to increase the number of books and resources offered in this library. 

The book drive is requesting donations of suitable books for students’ 6-8 grade level in both English and Arabic. Please look through your home libraries and consider donating books to this beautiful library. RFS will, of course, continue ordering new books each year, but with more books available at the library students will have more diverse options. 

If you wish to donate a book/s, please bring them to the upper campus middle school library so we can properly thank you, or send them with your child. We appreciate your consideration and contribution.