RFS Student Council Initiative Featured in Taawon Newsletter

In June 2018 Ramallah Friends School Student Council, with the assistance of Parent Teacher Association (PTA), took the initiative to organize a Ramadan Iftar for the school community in the upper campus. The Iftar was attended by many RFS families and the proceeds were donated to Taawon's Gaza Appeal/ Ramadan Campaign.

At RFS, Quaker education is committed to helping each person recognize her or his responsibility as a caring member of the school, community, nation and global family where "each lives for the other and all live for God". Students are encouraged to give back to the larger community in a variety of forms.

The Student Council's Ramadan initiative was featured in Taawon's newsletter on their Ramadan Campaign to aid Gaza, to view the newsletter please follow this link.

Through the Community Service Program (CSP), RFS students are raised to realize and explore their responsibilities to their local and global communities. Quaker values of equality and service are taught through the weekly Ethics program and practiced through the CSP. As children progress they learn from and support those who are less fortunate than themselves. The White Gifts Program aids more than 100 families every year, students from every grade level donate and raise funds for these families.*

Ramadan Iftar 2018