RFS' White Gifts Program ends right before Christmas break

Ramallah – The White Gifts Program at the RFS ended with a joyful performance by the Upper School’s Christmas choir in the school’s first Christmas Charity Dinner. Before Christmas break, RFS staff and students will be contributing the money raised during the first semester to more than (150) families in need and a few community foundations.

During the first semester of every year, students and faculty engage in the White Gifts Program, a longstanding tradition at the RFS. The program consists of weekly fundraising bake sales that start in October and end right before Christmas break. In December, the funds are combined with personal contributions and donated to community members in need.

The White Gifts Charity Dinner at the Upper School

Faculty, students and families joined in celebrating the upcoming holidays in the Upper School’s first “White Gifts Charity Dinner” at the local Grand Park Hotel. The event was planned and organized by the White Gifts Committee at the Upper School, and included an art auction, a special visit from Santa Clause and many gifts!

Thanks to the RFS community, and the following businesses for supporting the event, as the proceedings will be aiding many families in Ramallah, El-Bireh and adjacent villages and refugee camps, this winter. Thanks to the help of Grand Park Hotel, Nagham Stores, Rukab Ice Cream, Madar Communications Company, Mawasem Ramallah, Stage Design, and the Universal Establishment for office equipment.

White Gifts Bake Sales at the Lower School

Every Monday at the Lower School, one could see parents rushing in with trays and pots full of homemade goods for their children to sell in the weekly organized bake sales. The beautiful smell of home baked cookies, cupcakes and the students’ all -time favorite Palestinian dish “Mujaddara” (rice and lentils cooked together) fills the school’s playgrounds, and students get to practice their business techniques. This year, parents not only participated in cooking and baking, but many assisted their children during breaks in selling and managing the sales.

A longstanding tradition at the RFS, the White Gifts Program not only affirms our Quaker beliefs in helping others and giving back to the community, but also teaches our kids to sympathize and support those who are less fortunate.


White Gifts Program 2016