RFS Yearbook archive, we need YOUR help!

We aim for this archive to include as many yearbooks as possible, considering the school has a long, deep and prolific history in Palestine since the nineteenth century.

Do you think you are able to help us expand this archive? We have managed to gather a large collection of yearbooks from over the past few decades, but we are looking for more. If you own a yearbook yourself, or know a family member or friend who does, please consider the list below of what we are missing, we would love for you to help us out if you can!

List of yearbooks we are looking for:

FGS Academic year 1989/1990
FBS & FGS Academic year 1988/1989
FBS & FGS Academic year 1987/1988
FBS 1983, 1984, 1985
All yearbooks available from 1979 and earlier


As soon as we finalize our initial collection, we aim to get the yearbooks professionally scanned and later returned to their original owners in the same condition as they were received.

Please, do get in touch with our Communications Department - Alumni Relations Office at ( if you are able to help in anyway, whether you have a yearbook or can help us locate one.

Thank you to all the wonderful alumni who have helped us gather yearbooks until now!

*Check out RFS' online Yearbook Archive through this link.