Summer Programs

I Know I Can

Since 2011, Ramallah Friends School has been offering English and SAT Prep summer courses through the I Know I Can summer programs for students in Ramallah and the surrounding areas. I Know I Can provides joyful and high quality English Enrichment and SAT Prep programs for students in Grade 3 through Grade 11. 

Since the Program's inception, RFS has served over 500 Palestinian students from across the country. We recruit experienced and effective American English teachers to teach in the program through Teach for America and other professional networks. We have had over 30 teachers from across the US participate in our program. Our staff is made up of passionate, motivated and hard-working teachers who are excited to teach English, experience Palestine and learn from the community.

I Know I Can partners with individuals, families, schools, and organizations to engage students and staff in community service and teach the importance of social justice. Students participate in service activities at the Tent of Nations in Bethlehem and Lajee Center in Aida Refugee Camp and hear from guest speakers from the community on various issues surrounding social justice.


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