How To Apply

Step 1: Choose and complete the application form according to the campus you are applying for, click here to download and print:

*Please download the application form before printing it out. (Application forms for academic year 2019-2020 will be available on Tuesday January 22nd, 2019.)

Step 2: Submit above forms with a certified copy of a birth certificate, two photos, transcripts*(only for grades 2-11) an NIS 100 application fee. Applications must be submitted in person at the school office; parents abroad may submit an application by fax, or as an email attachment and by arranging for local payment of the application fee.

Step 3: RFS evaluates each application and determines eligibility for admission. Please review our admissions policy for more details on the admissions process.

Step 4: Admissions decisions for LKG, UKG and First Grade will be communicated by the first week of March.

Step 5: If a student is admitted, parents are required to agree to the school rules (KG, 1st-5th grades, 6th-12th grades) and pay a non-refundable enrollment fee of NIS 4,000. Bring a statement indicating that all financial statements have been met with previous educational institutions. And fill out this medical form by the family doctor.

Step 6: Parents are required to pay a NIS 1,000  non-refundable registration fee and first tuition payment. After August 10, the tuition fee cannot be refunded.

*Please note transcripts are required for any child entering Grade 2 and above (for the previous year for Grade 2, the previous two years for Grade 3, and the previous three years for Grade 4 and above).