After School Programs

RAMALLAH FRIENDS SCHOOL encourages students to take part in as wide a variety of extra curricular activities as possible usually after the end of the school day. This is an opportunity for students to develop new interests and learn new skills. This is part of the School’s responsibility as a learning environment providing students with choices which they can make voluntarily and independently. The opportunities serve as an important role in the student’s future interests and career.

Extracurricular activities are encouraged with a variety of choices offered at the Lower School. These include:

Sports: Each year the physical education department coaches basketball, handball, volleyball and soccer teams which compete against area schools. RFS also partners with the international organization Sports for Life to offer a wide range of sports activities outside of school for students and local Palestinian youth. 

English Club: Aimed at strengethenig our young students' English language skills in speaking, writing and reading.

Drama Club: Introducing students to drama, acting, and playwriting.

Movie Club: Aimed at helping our students gain knowledge on World Cinema (suitable for children) and how to discuss and comment their opinions on different movies.

Choir: Trained by our Music teacher, students perform by the end of the year.

Yoga: Students are taught how to control and hold their attention long enough in order to teach them the benefits of Yoga, such as stillness, balance, flexibility, and focus.

Arts: This program gives students the opportunity to express themselves through drawing, painting, and otehr forms of visual Arts. 

Home Economics: Students are taught the basic methods of preparing food and cooking. 

Dabkeh (folkloric Palestinian dance): Students are trained by a professional dancer and they perform by the end of the school year.