We instituted the Counseling Program in order to help students adjust and cope with various situations they are exposed to, both in school and in the wider community. The Program is based on one of the School's values of developing the whole person spiritually, physically, academically, mentally, and socially. The Counseling Program seeks to address social and emotional challenges that elementary school students face on a regular basis and contribute to their mental health and overall well-being. 

The counseling program is implemented in many ways: 

During Periods
The counseling program is implemented through counseling periods in which students discuss different topics related to their age level, thoughts, feelings, and insights. Other topics discussed are those related to the relationship between the individual and the family, friends, and culture.

Individual Counseling
Students at the school from Pre-school to sixth grade are offered individual counseling when needed. This service is offered based on the counselor's observation of the child, his teachers', his parents', the school's administration, or by the student's own request for help.

Specialist Referral
In some cases students will be referred to get extra help in individual or family counseling at specialized centers which communicates directly to the school to ensure the student is receiving the necessary support.

Family Counseling
The school plays an important part in the life of both students and parents. Family counseling sessions all parents to discuss the various challenges that they face in raising their children. The parent workshops serve as guide to parents and provides a forum for parents to connect and share experiences. In the past, parent workshop discussions have included issues surrounding sibling issues, responsibility, respect, peer pressure, studying methods, distraction, expressing deep feelings, and transitions. 

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