RFS Launches 1st Arabic Reading Platform in Palestine: “Yalla Neqra - Lets Read”

New beginnings this month as another RFS initiative comes into the light with the launch of, in cooperation with Al Nayzak Organization, the first and only Arabic Reading Platform for students aged 5-8 years in Palestine.

"This project is aimed at improving our students' skills in the Arabic Language and we also hope to share it with the larger Palestinian educational community". - Adrian Moody (Head of School)

The project is sponsored by Paltel Group )Golden Sponsor( and Bank of Palestine )Silver Sponsor(, and under the care of Palestinian Minister of Education Dr. Sabri Seidam and the Ministry of Education.

“When we began working on PYP skills in 2013, we found that while studying the Arabic language our students faced challenges in connecting sight words with spoken words causing weaknesses in their reading and writing skills- and that is where we started.”- Duha Masri (Head of KG and PYP Coordinator)

The platform offers Arabic story books registered in appropriate levels for students in grades UKG, 1st,2nd to listen to and read on tablets and smartphones.

The 1st phase of the platform will be offered for free to Palestinian public and UNRWA and private schools as a comprehensive level-reading resource for students and teachers. Currently as a pilot, the platform will be tested and used by four schools.

Stemming from our Quaker principles and RFS Mission in helping each person recognize their responsibility towards society, our desire is to distribute this platform/application amongst all Palestinian students for our larger community to asset from in reaffirming our children’s connection with their mother tongue.*   

Yalla Neqra