RFS Strategic Planning Process Takes A Leap Forward

On Saturday July 29th, 2016 the RFS held a full-day strategic planning retreat in the Middle School that was attended by administrative and teaching staff members, Board of Trustees members, RFS Executive Committee, and the school’s consultants. The retreat was another step forward towards finalizing the school’s five year strategic plan (2018-2022). 

The strategic planning process began over a year ago with international academic expert, Walter Hetzer, visiting our campus and meeting members of the various stakeholder groups (students, staff, teachers, etc.) to hear their thoughts and ideas on where our school should be after five years or so.

Hetzer later gathered and analyzed surveys that were conducted towards each stakeholder group separately, in the quest to identify strategic issues that need to be addressed within the strategic plan.

The next step was appointing Palestinian consultants Shawkat Sarsur (RFS parent) and Amer Madi (Class of 1993) to continue working on the school’s future strategic plan.

During the past year, several focus group meetings were held on campus to discuss each issue separately with the participation of representatives from all the stakeholder groups in the RFS community (staff, students, parents, BOT members, alumni). Issues discussed included academics, finances, communications and alumni relations, parent involvement, among others.

Strategic Planning Retreat 2017