RFS Director Transition

Leadership Transition at the Ramallah Friends School

The RFS Board of Trustees conveys deep gratitude to Joyce Ajlouny for her exemplary leadership of the Ramallah Friends School. Joyce will be stepping down as the school director by the end of the 2016/2017 school year, after 13 years of service. Joyce started at RFS as a student in first grade until she graduated in 1983, then as a teacher, a parent of three students, and a PTA Chair before she stepped into the Director’s role in 2004, bringing with her a vision of growth and innovation to the Ramallah Friends School.

During her tenure, Joyce was a daily source of inspiration for all of us as members of the RFS community, and her spot-on vision for the school’s growth and sustainability means she is leaving this school with a bright future. 

Please follow this link, to read a few of the many innovative changes and improvements that Joyce and her team have implemented throughtout the campus and curriculum.